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About Casii Assessment Form

The Casii Assessment Form is a structured questionnaire used to assess individuals with mental health or substance abuse issues. The acronym CASII stands for "Comprehensive Assessment and Substance Abuse Evaluation for Individuals." The form consists of a series of questions that assess various aspects of an individual's mental health, substance use, and related factors such as family and social support, legal issues, and employment. The Casii assessment form is typically used by mental health professionals such as psychologists, psychiatrists, and addiction counselors. It is used with individuals who are seeking treatment for mental health or substance use disorders, as well as those who are court-ordered to attend treatment or evaluation. The Casii assessment form is an important tool in the mental health and addiction treatment field for providing a comprehensive understanding of an individual's condition and identifying areas where treatment and support can be most effective.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Casii Assessment Form

Instructions and Help about Casii Assessment Form

What the Cassie is and I've given you a lot of hand outs just look through them and see if you find some of their matches what I'm talking about the Kassie consists of six risk dimensions and some of them are about the kid and some of them are about the kids environment and other aspects of the kid these are the dimensions right here and then the second part of the Cassie R is the service intensity so you have a kind of a continuum of service intensity beginning in basic services then to secure 24-hour services with psychiatric monitoring which we would we would know in our system as acute inpatient psychiatric program okay so what happens is you score each of these demint dimensions you get a total score and that points to the level of intensity okay so that's basically the all the working parts all right and one of the core ideas to get about the Cassie that's different that how we do mental health in San Antonio or in Texas is that this is not a level of care idea this is intensity of care we live in an in a level of care world in San Antonio this is about intensity of care okay it says a pair of basic services you have a certain intensity a certain amount of coordination and communication that needs to happen and that as you go each level into that the need the resources that are really needed for communicating and coordinating it expands geometrically not in a linear way if you're doing a system of care okay which we don't do a system would care here all right so why now as some of you talked about we need to be able to determine the...